Disney's International Food & Wine Festival

For this year's edition of the International Food and Wine Festival, I created world landmarks in the style of the famous Disney ride It’s A Small World. When attending the festival, guests will receive a passport where they can track all their food and drink options as they eat and drink around the world. I created accessories of each country that attach to the Disney magic band bracelet to promote the event. There are hidden mickeys designed throughout all the pieces, see if you can spot them all. 


Landmark Structures

Travel Posters

Located throughout each country within the Epcot World Showcase.


Guests receive a stamp after visiting each country and can mark off what items they tasted from the food and drink menu  at each location. 

Special Edition Magic Bandits 

Charms that can be worn on the guests magic band. I created these using Shrinky Dinks. 

Magic Bandit

 Rechargeable Gift Card

Event Postcard